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Our mission is to create a world that includes everyone. We are leading by example as all of our Advisors are from traditionally under represented and under employed groups. And while we believe we can create a movement of change through the organisations and businesses individuals interact with on a daily basis, we also take a broader approach to global social change for inclusion. Our Social Good programs include a range of activities at both local and global levels.

Community Initiatives

Highlighting and addressing issues of exclusion in the community, community change campaigns and programs, volunteering, donations, partnering with other social good organisations

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Community Engagement

Focus groups, research, volunteer involvement and opportunity for input

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Scholarships and Training

Career confidence program for under employed people, mentoring, skill development opportunities

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Influencing Policy Makers

Participation in policy and agency decision making at local, regional, national and international levels

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Speaking and Endorsements

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The more people, organisations, and institutions we reach the greater chance we have to create a world where everyone is included. We speak at corporate and community events, as well as partner with organisations to reinforce the importance of inclusion.

Social Messaging

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Our aim is to spread positive messaging, examples of inclusion, and demonstrate advocacy for everyone. Social media and messaging is an important element to generating social change. It is also important to us that we don't lose what makes us special and the reason we began. We believe in the people of individuals and the relationships we have with each other to create a movement.

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