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The Inclusive Foundation specialise in researching the lead indicators and causation to exclusion. The lived experiences of people are critical to our understanding of exclusion and how to solve for a more inclusive world. This page will continually be updated with new research and resources.

Creating an inclusive world is no small task and we want to make sure we have a clear picture of the experiences of people just like you, so we can tackle change in real and meaningful ways for everyone.

The survey consists of a collection of statements to discover your lived experiences as a consumer, in the workplace, in education and learning, as a citizen in the community, and through the media. It also includes questions to gather information regarding aspects of your identity and your immediate family.

Your responses to this survey will help build a picture of the inclusion and exclusion experiences of people from all over the world. The collated survey results will be used by The Inclusive Foundation to inform and influence organisations, governments, medical and health providers, educational institutions, and the media.

Maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of your individual responses to this survey is really important to us; we will not collect any information that can be used to identify you. Data collected from this survey will not be reported where there is any possibility of individuals being identified.

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