The Inclusive Professional

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We are the world’s leading not-for-profit foundation committed to setting the standard for inclusion and equipping diversity and inclusion professionals with the burning platform to support their services and programs.


Become a preferred panel partner to receive project referrals to provide inclusion consulting and solution services to the clients we work with across the globe.

Burning Platform

Utilise the Inclusive Benchmark Study to quantify and justify inclusion improvement opportunities and change initiatives to your clients/organisation.

Advisory Team

Expand your team without the overheads and engage the our Advisory team, from under represented groups, to assist you to identify and solve inclusion needs.

Research Team

Gain access to an inclusive research team as a complementary service offering for your clients / organisation plus the empirical data you need to support the work you do.

What makes us the ideal partner?

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We are a non-conflicting partner as our focus is on research and strategy identification and justification. There are also lots of other reasons we are the ideal partner...

  • We provide our services all over the world
  • We are an employer of under represented and under employed people
  • We are a not-for-profit and all profits are redirected to positive social change community driven initiatives with an advocacy approach
  • We are lead by qualified experts in empirical research, social anthropology and organisational transformation
  • We have a comprehensively represented advisory team of people with lived exclusion experience
  • Our methodology is inclusive of all people without focusing on labels and is suitable for broad application across all industries and sectors
  • We are a non-conflicting partner as our focus is on research and strategy identification
  • We have a positive emotive brand story with a strong social media following

Become an Inclusive Foundation Professional PartnerLEARN MORE

Be part of the network of professionals and consultants around the world setting the standard and creating a world where everyone is included.

Inclusive Certification Program

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A public program to train and certify inclusive professionals in the application of the best practice International Inclusive Standard with the objective of creating a world where everyone is included.

This three-day program is designed to introduce the best practice International Inclusive Standard and how to apply it in an organisation. Throughout the program participants will undertake self reflection, group discussion, forum discussions, case study analysis, simulation activities, immersive experiences, and strategy development. On successful completion of the program participants will achieve certification as an internationally recognised Inclusive Professional.

The public program format enables participants to maximise their learning and to network with professionals from other organisations across a wide range of industries. Participants may attend as a single delegate or with a team. Attending with a team enables participants to ensure their colleagues are equally equipped to contribute to creating a world where everyone is included.

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