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Be Part of Creating a World Where Everyone is Included

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What We Do

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The Inclusive Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the mission of creating a world where everyone is included through organisational assessment, accreditation and transformation, government and agency partnership, social change, and advocacy and empowerment of others.

For Organisations

Evaluation and measurement of your inclusion progress, international and industry benchmarking, tracking of inclusion ROI, inclusive design workshops, a panel of diverse advisors from under represented groups, inclusion strategy and recommendations to associates and partners to assist you through implementation, and an Inclusive Concierge service to answer all your D&I questions. Send a clear message that everyone is valued and included in your organisation.

For Professionals

We are the world’s leading not-for-profit foundation committed to the advancement of inclusive professionals. We partner with Diversity and Inclusion consulting firms (big and small) to assist them with creating the burning platform for change with their clients. We offer a Concierge service so if you have a question that you need help answering, we are here for you. And we offer certification training for you to implement The International Inclusive Standard with your clients/employer.

For a Better World

Our mission is to create a world that includes everyone. We are leading by example as all of our Advisors are from traditionally under represented and under employed groups. And while we believe we can create a movement of change through the organisations and businesses individuals interact with on a daily basis, we also take a broader approach to global social change for inclusion. Our Social Good programs include a broad range of activities at both local and global levels.

We are on a Global Mission

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To create a world where...

Every Organisation

Every business and organisation is working to the International Inclusive Standard

Every Government

Every Government Agency implements the International Inclusive Standard

Every Institution

Every Institution provides services that meet the Inclusive Foundation Standard

Every Professional

Every Inclusion Professional applies the principles of the International Inclusive Standard

Every Leader

All Leaders and People Managers strive to create inclusive teams and orgaisations

Every Person

All people are valued and are included

We Have Been Busy

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Whether we are working with our clients, speaking at events, running training, or out in the community - we are always inspired by the people we meet and the opportunities we uncover to create a world where everyone is included.

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Our Services

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We offer specialised services to help you create an inclusive world.

Evaluate and quantify where you are on your inclusion journey
Advisory Panel
A diverse team to assist you to objectively identifying inclusion opportunities and solutions
Inclusive Design Thinking
Integrate inclusive needs in product, service, and process design
Inclusion ROI
Provide evidence that inclusion benefits your bottom line
Inclusion advice and support at any time
Inclusion Strategy
A simple to follow inclusion action plan with referrals to skilled specialists to support you

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Inclusive Community


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Inclusive Team


The Inclusive Leadership Team

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We are a team of people passionate about applying our experience and skills to create a world where everyone is included.

Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith


Liz is the founder and CEO of The Inclusive Foundation. After observing first hand the discrimination and exclusion of a loved one, she was inspired to channel her emotional response into action through the creation of The Inclusive Foundation. Liz is an expert in organisational transformation and behaviour change, with a career focus on assisting businesses, teams and individuals to be the best they can be.  She brings this expertise to The Inclusive Foundation as she drives global social transformation. Her mission is to create a world where everyone is included regardless of their perceived differences. She strongly believes that all humans deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and that inclusiveness is so much more than diversity.

Dr Jill Rathborne

Director of Research

Jill has two decades of experience as a research scientist at world-leading institutions and exceptional expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. Her career in the male dominated field of science fueled her passion for gender equality and to improve gender equity in STEMM in Australia’s higher education and research sector. Jill believes it is the micro-inequities that do the most damage – the small, seemingly inconsequential ways in which people are excluded or discounted. Her goal at The Inclusive Foundation is identify the opportunities for improvement in organisations through evidence based research and prove the ROI benefit of inclusion.

The Inclusive Advisory Team

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Our diverse global team of Advisors continues to grow. Here are just a few of our amazing team.

Kevin Udell

Advisor (Physical Access, MS)

Scott Shoesmith

Advisor (Deaf Access)

Dr Belinda Russon

Advisor (Indigenous, Gender)

Amy Eddy

Advisor (Physical Access, Cerebral Palsy)

Murray Elbourn

Advisor (Blind Access)

Richard Hill

Advisor (Race Minority, Veteran, US EEO)

Dan Graham

Advisor (Autism Spectrum)

Samuel McGill

Advisor (Youth, LGBTQI)

Rani Vincent

Advisor (Acquired Brain Injury)

Julz Russ

Advisor (Deaf Access, Indigenous)

Raja Yassine

Advisor (Religious Minority)

Arti Shah

Advisor (Ethnic Minority)
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