Book Giveaway

Author Jessica Skogstad gifted a copy of her children’s book ‘Enid and her Two Mums’ to The Inclusive Foundation. So we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page offering the book to our community of followers. We believed the most deserving response was from Cathy Prior who wrote; “My daughter is 3 and attends a local childcare. We live in a rural community and she is the only child in the childcare with two mums or two same-sex parents. She comes home crying because other children are teasing her for not having a dad. I would really like to be able to give a copy of this book to her teacher to read at group time on a regular basis and share with other rooms. To help teach all of the children that there are different family types. But also to help my daughter understand that her family is not that different because it is filled with love.” We were thrilled to be able to send this book to her.